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Footscray Cemetery Buy now     Footscray cemetery

This DVD (for computer) is an index of names in the Footscray burial register covering 1860 to 1970, and of all names transcribed from memorials in the cemetery to 1997. Each name in the index is hyperlinked to its source — an image of the relevant burial register page, or an image of the relevant page of transcriptions.

In easy to navigate Adobe format the DVD is compatible with both PC and Mac with Adobe Reader 7 and higher.

St Kilda CemeterySt Kilda Cemetery, Transcripts of Memorials and an Index to Names Buy now

The St Kilda cemetery opened in 1855. The cemetery covers 18 acres, and is bounded by Dandenong Rd, Alma Rd, Hotham St and Alexandra St.

Memorial inscriptions in the St Kilda Cemetery were transcribed by GSV volunteers and in 1987 they were published in four volumes together with an index to the names as a limited edition. The transcripts exclude verses as well as words and phrases such as "In Loving Memory Of" and "beloved".

There are more than 29,000 names in the index. Each name is hyperlinked to an image of the relevant page of transcripts.

The value of this CD can be enhanced by concurrently using the Necropolis Trust's Internet Web pages which include an index to the burials at the St Kilda cemetery.

Ballarat cemeteriesBallarat Cemeteries & Crematorium Buy now

Ballarat Cemeteries & Crematorium-Indexed transcripts of memorials in the Old & New Cemeteries and burial & cremation registers


CD Contents

  • A brief introduction to the contents of the CD
  • Transcripts of memorials in the Old and New Cemeteries, and on the Wall erected in memory of babies. Transcripts of the Old
  • Cemetery include the surnames of the owners of the graves
  • An index of names on the above memorials and of grave owners.
  • Each name is hyperlinked to the page of transcripts that contains the relevant information.
  • This alphabetical index is searchable using the Adobe Reader search option
  • Two sets of indexes of registers with the kind permission of the Ballarat General Cemeteries Trust
  • A single alphabetical index of the burial registers of the Old and New Cemeteries, and the Cremations, from their inception to May 2005.
  • Searchable using the Search function in the Adobe Reader; and three separate indexes of the Old and New Cemeteries, and the Cremations, from their inception to 1989. These have more detail than the set described above. They are in alphabetical order of name and were formerly published on microfiche
  • Maps of the Old and New Cemeteries
  • A detailed background to the transcriptions of the memorials and surnames of grave owners in the Old Cemetery, and some history of the cemeteries and crematorium

Melbourne General CemeteryMelbourne General Cemetery  Buy now

This CD contains an index and transcriptions of the monumental inscriptions at the Melbourne General Cemetery.

The background behind this CD starts with teams of members of the Genealogical Society of Victoria (GSV) and the Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies (AIGS) transcribed the monumental inscriptions in the Melbourne General Cemetery. The GSV then indexed all the names and published it on CD.

This index contains the date of death and the age of the deceased if on the inscription. Each name points to the full transcription. The index contains about 119,600 names indexed from 42,500 memorials which is in a searchable database which also contains burial plot identification (where known) and a map of the cemetery.


Victorian Goldfields Hospitals Index

The Victorian Goldfields Hospitals Index: The Hospitals and the Information the Records


The CD is an amalgamation of indexes to records of the following eight hospitals. They are all admission records, except that which we have called the Kyneton Hospital Family record:

Amherst Hospital 1869-1888
Ballarat Hospital 1856-1913
Castlemaine Hospital 1855-1920
Castlemaine Benevolent Asylum 1860-1922
Creswick Hospital 1863-1882
Creswick Hospital outpatients 1873-1877
Creswick Hospital 1883-1894
Dunolly Hospital 1860-1900

Kyneton Hospital Admissions Register 1862-1885
Kyneton Hospital Family Record 1869-1884
Maldon Hospital 1864-1905
Maryborough Hospital 1855-1907

The index comprises ten fields of information: surname; given name(s); admission date; age of patient; patient's place of birth; whether single, married or widowed; occupation; residence; and source.

Various additional information is contained in the records.  Buy now


Book Publications

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Early PioEarly Pioneer families of Victoria and Riverinaneer Families of Victoria and Riverina: a genealogical and biographical record

First published 1936 - 572 pages

Many families of Victoria and the Riverina are listed in this publication. The publication includes an index of those named in the text, photographs, illustrations and articles on the following school Geelong Church of England Grammar School; Geelong College; Melbourne Church of England Grammar School; Scotch College; Wesley College and Xavier College.

Out of print but available as a CD Buy Now


HenderHenderson's Australian familiesson's Australian Families: a genealogical and biographical record

First published 1941 - 385 pages

Just imagine the number of associated families to these family names! Affleck, Alsop, Anderson, Armstrong, Armytage, Austin, Barker, Bryant, Butchart, Calvert, Cay, Chomley, Cotton, Currie, Docker, Elder, Flaxman, Fleetwood. Flower, Guthrie, Hamilton, Hay, Heron, Hope, Howard, Hunter, Lang, Langdon, Learmonth, Le Souëf, Lockhart Morton, Madden, Molesworth, Morton, Murray, McCracken, McEachern, McKellar, Macknight. McLaurin, McPherson, MacVean, Oliver, Patterson, Pearson, Philip, Raleigh, Read, Reid, Ritchie, Robertson. Ronald, Rutledge, Ryan, Shannon, Simson, Skene, Sloane, Stewart, Stribling, Swan, Synnot, Templeton, Tulloh, Willan, Willis, Youngman, Yullle. Just imagine the number of associated families to these family names!

Out of print but available as a CD Buy Now

Amateurs and Experts

Amateurs and Experts: a history of the Genealogical Society of Victoria

As readers follow the time line of the Society's development in the chapters of this history, they will be better able to understand how the Society was formed, the various demands that had to be met and the number of hard working members who have given a great deal of their time, to ensure that the Society developed to its present day position as one of the largest and best family history/genealogical societies in Australia ...

The Society has moved from a handful of people who came together in 1941 to start the Society, to an organisation of approximately 6,700 members in 2001. During its development the service provided to members moved from a small cadre of volunteers to the employment of staff to assist the growing needs of the Society ...

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