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Ancestor June 2017

What's in the coming issue of Ancestor

June 2017

In this issue, we have further articles describing our new facilities and the new arrangements, so please be sure to read the President's page, and pages 28-30. Inclusion of this extra information has meant that we have had to hold over until the next issue our regular 'Getting It Write' feature and our listings of new library accessions.

We continue to offer a range of diverse family history stories - there are seven in this issue. They provide us with a real feeling of what life must have been like in early Australia. Importantly, they give us many clues on how to overcome the pitfalls and assumptions that we come across in our own family history research. I hope you enjoy reading them.

The articles are by:

  • John Stewart who recounts the tragedy that befell his ancestor on Christmas Day and praises the courage of an elderly aunt, who made the journey from the Isle of Skye to an isolated part of Victoria to look after her nieces and nephew.
  • James McDonald who tells of the harsh experiences of the Rankin family in the silk industry in Essex and how they made good in a new land.
  • Glad Wishart who shares her delight in being shown a wedding photo of her grandparents; she and her family have been able to work out the identity and history of many of those depicted in the photo.
  • Jacqueline Dinan who describes how a seemingly small discovery set her on the path of finding out about the early years of her grandfather, Jimmy Benton.
  • John MJ Fitzpatrick who writes of the life of John Harris, a convict who couldn't help himself and continually got into trouble. He married three times and had a total of seventeen children. He died aged 91 in Benalla.
  • Richard Olive who sorts out the true ancestry of his great grandfather, Robert Bowman, both on his mother's side as well as his father's in an intriguing article.
  • Noreen Nation who honours an ancestor, Walter Tuck, a tinsmith. She gives the reader a good idea of the life of a skilled tradesmen at the turn of the century in regional Victoria.

Publishing parts of your family history in Ancestor is a marvellous way of recording more permanently your history for your descendants. The Editorial Team is always on the look out for good stories. This website also provides details on Submitting an Article to Ancestor and a style guide with lots of clues on how to prepare your article. Read them as you prepare your article for submitting to Ancestor. The guides have been recently updated.

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We love to get your feedback. Don't forget that entries for the annual GSV Writing Prize closes on 30 August.

Martin Playne
Editorial Team