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What's in the coming issue of Ancestor

March 2017

Change is always a challenge – there are some who embrace it wholeheartedly and some who find it difficult. You will all be aware that the GSV is facing the challenge of a change of location in the CBD in the coming months. Keep a close watch on this website for the latest information, particularly on where our numerous events will be held.

Change notwithstanding, we have a range of interesting articles written by our members. Nowadays English is the acknowledged lingua franca for the world, but in the nineteenth century this was not the case and the artificial language of Esperanto was devised as an international language. Bill Chapman introduces us to some of the early adherents of Esperanto in Melbourne. Horrie Poussard describes the adventurous life on three continents of his great grandmother, singer and comic opera star, Madame Felicie Poussard. Barbara Manly brings us a personal story of Second World War Footscray and a tragedy for two families.

The theme of multiple births coincidentally connects two articles. A charming Edwardian age photo of three little girls (twins? triplets?) inspired June Torcasio to go searching for their identity and their stories. Betty Woolley tells of the life in early Melbourne and Warrnambool of her Macdonald ancestors including an unusual Christmas gift – you’ll see what I mean.

We would all love to have famous and successful ancestors, but that is not always the case. Judy Rochow has found examples of all sorts of misdemeanours amongst her ancestors. Judy Woodlock writes about a ‘colourful’ ancestor who got up to mischief and worse in Australia and New Zealand, before retiring to a quieter life in Adelaide. Margaret Coghlan expresses some doubts about her gold rush era ancestor Edward Lee, who stood for parliament in Gippsland, but eventually she decides in his favour.

We have also written a one-page guide to authors, highlighting common problems encountered in preparing manuscripts. We hope this will help writers in putting together their articles. We are also in the process of improving the information on this website on Submitting a Manuscript, and Guidelines and Referencing for Authors.

We hope you enjoy this issue.

Martin Playne
for the Ancestor Editorial Team